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Who we are?

We are a leading Canada real estate marketing agency targeting home buyers across Canadian cities and provinces

We are in the business of connecting home buyers with real estate professionals who will help save time and money in buying or selling their homes

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Why work with us?

We are an established Internet marketing company with years of experience in real estate, search engine and online paid advertising platforms. We understand the process of lead generation to quality conversions and are ready to share this experience

Advantages to work with us?
•  We supply leads in real time
•  We charge less
•  We provide replacement
•  Our support is always available
•  We supply exactly what you are looking for
How do we generate leads?
We are running internet marketing/advertising campaigns
using the following channels:

•  Google, Yahoo, Bing PPC (pay per click) advertising
•  Landing Pages
•  Social sites
•  Forums
•  MLS listing feeds
•  Online directories
•  Email marketing
How does it work and
how to begin?
•  We welcome real estate agents and
real estate brokers to sign up on our site
•  Agents and Brokers will select or let us know
the territory/location where they need leads
•  We negotiate costs and amount of leads they
need on a prepaid basis
•  We set up a campaign and generate leads, then
we supply leads on daily or weekly basis
•  We also will replace any leads
that did not respond for no cost (within 1 month)
What type of Home buyer leads we supply?
Confirmed Leads
•  Price - Can $100 per lead
•  Leads that our agent verified by email or phone
•  Lead will contain : Name, Email, Phone Number, Search Location, Budget range, Type of property, When they are looking to purchase

Special!!! - Booking Appointment Leads
•  (Cost effective package of 15 leads) Price - Can $500
•  You can choose the Booking Appointments leads of prospective home buyers who have shown interest in properties for sale - the lead information will include their name, phone, and address of the property

We work only on prepaid term. Why?
We have costs to set up a campaign, and to run the campaign, as well as creative and labour expenses.
We accept payments: Paypal (non-refundable in subject), Email Transfer or Bank wire

Who are our clients?

We work with Canadian real-estate agents and brokers, advertising agencies that are looking for home buyer leads


      «As a new client of the Canada Realestate Leads I can testify that it is the best home buyers lead supplier that Ive found on the market lately. Not only is the quality of the leads and conversion high, but the live support staff is helpful, friendly and always available to any needs.»
Real estate agent
      «I am very pleased with the services that Canada Realestate Leads has to offer and would recommend them to any agent that I know! Leads are real and the results are great!!! I've stopped investing in flyers or magazines where the leads were so general and were not productive enough.»
Real estate agent
      «I've received nearly 40 leads over the past 2 months and am already in the process of closing 3 deals as a direct result of the Home buyer leads provided. I would recommend this to any broker or agent looking to increase their business effortlessly with effective marketing results; the return on investment is unbelievable!»
Real estate agent

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